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Recently I spent a great deal of time looking for a solution to a problem that I, and many other website owners were having. The problem was the rotation of banner advertisements and the tracking of impressions and clicks across our websites.

I’d done some searching and tested many different softwares, scripts and tools that claimed to offer what I needed but none of them worked properly or didn’t provided the basic functions I wanted.

Eventually I found a free banner rotator and tracking service called Clixtrac and wow! Problem Solved.

Clixtrac provides the banner rotation and tracking solution that I was looking for, and best of all they offered this service free of charge. It’s also worth mentioning they offer a premium service which I’ve recently upgraded to and now use this personally for all of my banner tracking.

Below is a overview of the Clixtrac control panel used to setup your tracking campaigns.

Home Page:-

From the starting page you’ll get a good overview of your current banner campaigns. It has three main sections:  Account snap shot (line graph showing daily clicks), Top 10 Referers (pie chart showing click from each referring site) and current campaigns.

Creating Your First Campaign:-

Creating a banner tracking code or banner rotator is very simple, though initailly I did get confused by the setup. I’ll explain everything you need to know here so you won’t have any issues when you create your campaigns and rotators.

Start by clicking Create Tracker from the top menu.

Now enter a name into the new campaign name box. A good name would be something like Sitename + Page Location, you can leave the description blank or add more details if you wish. Click the next step button.

Now you need to choose the type of tracker you want to setup. Click the Banner Ad button.

Now enter the details of the banner itself. The most important parts are the first four boxes, Description, banner location (browse files from your computer), Landing page url. You can also choose to cloak this link if you prefer.

Click Save Banner Ad Settings.

Welldone, you’ve created your first campaign. You should be presented with some code that looks like this:

<!–Begin Banner Code –>
<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”blog example” title=”blog example” border=”0″ width=”150″ height=”70″></a>
<!–End Banner Code –>

You can use this code to display a single banner on your website and track its impressions and the amount of clicks it recieves.

If you want to create a campaign that rotates two or more banners you’ll need to setup the initial campaign and first banner as above. Then follow the steps below, and this will create your banner rotating code.

Click Create Tracker at the top of the Clixtrac page, then select your existing campaign (the one you created above) and click the next step button.

Click the Setup Banner Ad button.

Enter the details of your second banner (same process as above). Click Save Ad Button.

You’ll now be shown some new code – DON’T USE THIS CODE, this code will only display one of your banners. We now need to create a rotator to complete the setup.

Click Rotators from the top menu.

Enter a name into the Rotator Name box from within the New Rotator Details Box (I normally choose the same name as my campaign). You can leave the description box blank and then click the next step button to continue.

You’ll now see a page showing all your campaigns and your banner within each campaign. Click the check box on the right side of each banner to add your banners into your rotator code. Each of your banners should be under the same campaign. Click the next step button.

You should now see your rotator code and it will look like this.

<!–Begin Rotator Code –>
<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript” src=”″></script>
<!–End Rotator Code –>

Apply this code into your websites html and it will rotate your banners on a even basis and track the clicks and impressions the banners recieve.

You can view the banners performance from the Clixtrac Home Page and select view on the campaign you created.

Click Here to Create your Banner Rotating & tracking code

Hope you enjoyed reading.



Original Article Source: Free Banner Rotator Script

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Getting Even More Traffic From Twitter Sun, 18 Dec 2011 12:43:19 +0000

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A lot of people are aware that Twitter is a great means to keep updated on what is going on in the world today. Whether your objective is to express how you feel or keep others informed of your latest product offerings, Twitter is an awesome tool that you can use to get website unique visitors and generate qualified leads. If you have never tried yet, getting traffic from Twitter involves the creation of an account, adding your profile photo and adding up of short messages.

Search for people who you think will be interested in your niche. You may use key terms like “affiliate marketing” or anything that describes your business or what your website is focused on. You may search for big names too in your particular niche and follow them. Your “tweets” or messages should not be more than 140 characters. Make sure to publish interesting tweets so other people will follow you. The more followers you have, the more you can let many people know about what you are offering in your website. Getting traffic from Twitter can be so advantageous to you. Just make sure to add your blog or site link in your tweets so others will be directed to it.

If possible, do not add affiliate links or product links on your tweets as you can put these links on your website along with valuable information. Also, do not try to spam your tweets with affiliate links as this will make your followers pay no attention to your tweets and click on the “Unfollow” button. Your goal is to have more people following you and not to lose followers because they think you are just spamming their feed.  One way to gain followers is by commenting on other people’s tweets. By communicating with others who share the same interest, you can build good relationships and reach out to your targeted audiences. Follow other people too. Chances are that they will follow you too.

Because of Twitter’s rising popularity, it is fast becoming an effective tool in driving website traffic. More and more individuals and businesses are getting traffic from Twitter. Aside from the fact that it is simple to use, there is no need for you to spend a lot of money as you can use the service for free. Twitter has a user-friendly interface that it requires no special skills to be used by people. Anyone who knows even the fundamentals of the Internet and computers can easily use it.

If done correctly, receiving traffic from Twitter will bring you incredible results. More and more people are using Twitter everyday. See to it to post interesting tweets everyday to get more followers. The more interesting tweets you make, the more the word about your website will spread. If you have an e-mail list of business contact list, you can let them know about your Twitter account and that you will be updating it regularly. Do not waste time speaking just to be heard. Make sure you are using your tweets wisely.

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How To Suck More Visitors from StumbleUpon Wed, 14 Dec 2011 09:38:04 +0000

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Getting traffic for a new blog or website can be so hard if you are depending only on search engines. Proper search engine optimization necessitates a great deal of skill and time. Hence, you should think of other means that can help you boost website traffic. One of these is the use of a discovery engine. This is a kind of search engine on the Web that recommends content to its users. Today, many people are generating traffic from StumbleUpon. So, what basically is StumbleUpon? How it can help you generate free traffic?

What Is StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is not really new in the social media arena as it has been around since 2001. It has been getting much attention lately as more and more users are bookmarking or stumbling sites that are useful to them. Members get to see which websites got “stumbled” using the special toolbar. As they surf through these sites, they can give the ones that they find interesting a thumbs up or those that they do not like a thumbs down.

In order for your website to get into the StumbleUpon network, you have to join the site and become a member. See to it that the index of your websites is in the right category or they will be deemed as spam and will get thumbs down remarks by visitors. If you got some thumbs down even if you are doing things right, this should not happen often as long as you have a useful website.

The Concept Behind StumbleUpon

The idea behind StumbleUpon is easy. Just install a toolbar then make how long is ativan in the body a profile of what interests you. As you visit different sites, you can rate them by giving either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. StumbleUpon is a good tool that you can use to let other people know about your website or blog’s presence. Once you have submitted your website or blog, you can then get unique visitors. But please be aware that receiving traffic from StumbleUpon may not convert to a number of sales since most you can get are passive visitors. Most are not actively in search for information. But you can still get leads.

Some Internet marketers usually catch the attention of their site visitors by having opt-in pages where a freebie can be obtained in exchange for e-mails or other information. The free item could be a physical product or an e-book. For instance, you are running an e-commerce store, you may choose to give away an interesting product. You could initiate direct mail marketing or e-mail marketing with the details you can get from your opt-in page. Not only you can get unique visitors, you can also establish personal communication with them, thereby, increasing your chance of acquiring future sales.

Speaking of personal communication, you can actually use it in generating traffic from StumbleUpon with its social aspect. This traffic generation tool can let you add around 200 friends in your contact list. This could mean around 200 possible sales. But see to it that you do not spam your contacts. Through simple ways of generating traffic from StumbleUpon, you could increase your businesses return on investment from Web marketing.

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Getting Started – Free Traffic From LinkedIn Wed, 14 Dec 2011 06:33:32 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Whether you have just built your website or blog, you can let the world know about its existence without actually spending much money. Today, many website owners are generating traffic from LinkedIn. So, what is LinkedIn and how can you use it to drive traffic to your site? That is what we are going to answer here so, read further!

The World’s Largest Professional Network

LinkedIn is considered by many people as the largest professional network in the world. It has more than 120 million members and still growing rapidly. This social networking site gives you the keys to take control of your online identity. If you want to be found easily by other people by just typing your name, you should join LinkedIn and take control of the initial impression people can get when they search for you online.

Generating traffic from LinkedIn is relatively easy. You just have to join this social networking site where different professionals connect, build your profile and add your website or blog link. By connecting here, your address book or contact list will never go outdated. You can meet a lot of people and interact with them within the site. You can share your interests or give help to those who need answers.

Aside from driving website traffic, more and more business owners and others alike are using LinkedIn to sell products, generate leads, find employees, gain sponsorships, receive funding for their companies and get local and national press coverage. No matter what your purposes are in driving traffic to your blog, LinkedIn can surely help you obtain unique visitors.

Ways In Generating Traffic From LinkedIn

To generate traffic using LinkedIn, it is important that you complete your profile. Do not expect that you can drive traffic after building your profile and adding your link to it. You need a lot of time and effort too, of course. If you want other people to read your profile, you should take the time to make it as interesting as you think it could be. Make your profile compelling, concise and value driven all through. Complete it 100 percent, add a presentable photo of yourself and then take whole process seriously.

Your next step to generating traffic from LinkedIn is increasing your connections. The more friends or connections you have, the more professionals will have access to your LinkedIn page or profile. Each time you make an update, you recommend someone or join a group, your first degree connections see it. Get as many connections as you can. This will help you boost traffic in your site.

Consider customizing your website links in your LinkedIn page. Do not just put in your profile things like “My Blog” or “My Website” but instead write something that will interest other people. For example, you can name your website link “SEO Tips for Beginners” or “Search Engine Optimization Tools for Companies.” Customizing your website links will help you attract unique visitors to your site and drive massive traffic.

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Tips For Generating Traffic From Facebook Mon, 12 Dec 2011 11:29:16 +0000

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With its over 700 million users, Facebook is a good place to start your traffic generation campaign. There are a number of blog or website promotion sources on this social networking site. Generating traffic from Facebook may not be that easy but if done correctly, can be so beneficial. Here are some tips on how you can drive traffic to your blog or website via Facebook.

Business Profile Creation

Your Facebook profile allows you to do so many things like adding your website on your personal profile page or creating a page for your business. As you add your website, you have to give details about it and how other people can benefit from it. If you have created a personal profile, you will find the business profile creation process is pretty simple. You just have to prepare fundamental business information in hand prior to the page creation. Bear in mind that your business or company logo is ideal for the profile photo.

Let other people know about your Facebook business page and make sure to always update it by announcing what you wish to share or what can make them interested to visit your website. Through that way, you will be able to drive traffic and get unique visitors.

Friends List Expansion

If you are so picky when it comes to adding friends to your personal Facebook page, you have to give up this trait. Generating traffic from Facebook involves reaching out to different people. This does not mean you have to add so many friends on your personal account but adding new people on your business profile. Through this way, you can share details to those who would want to hear more about your website.

There will come a time too where you would want to expand your friends list on your personal profile or account. Generating traffic from Facebook will necessitate you to befriend a lot of people that usually results in accepting friendships from those you do not know. Once you have decided to be friends with people you do not personally know, make sure to consider the information you are sharing on your personal profile.

Facebook Group Feature Usage

Using Facebook groups is one of the good ways to connect with other people and promote your website content. The very goof thing about having a group is the fact that you can have so targeted towards your niche, which means that you can have targeted visitors who are much likely to visit your website, check out what you have to offer and purchase from you or avail of your service later on.

You can post links, whether it is a fresh content or a new blog post, in your Facebook group. Members won’t mind if you post links all day if at the beginning, you have already explained to them what the group is all about and why it has been created. However, Facebook groups also have their limitations. One of these is the fact that you cannot have over 5,000 members. This can be an issue if you are planning to expand your business.

Facebook Advertising

Another means in generating traffic from Facebook is by purchasing ads. Using Facebook advertising can let you reach out to your targeted audiences and gain significant amount of traffic to your website everyday. Just make sure to make a targeted and well-described ad.

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How to Capture Targeted Traffic to Your Site from YouTube Sat, 10 Dec 2011 09:25:17 +0000

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Sucking traffic from YouTube can earn for your website thousands of online YouTube viewers.  YouTube is the parent of all video-sharing sites and its incredible appeal has resulted to the purchase of the site by Google, the internet’s largest and most popular search engine.  Getting traffic from YouTube is one of the best things you can do to increase profitability of your internet marketing business.

Content is Still King

Sending traffic from YouTube to your site begins with the creation of your videos.  Keep in mind that video content is still king when you want to capture the interest of your audience and call them to visit your website.

What you need is to create a targeted content for the audience you want to capture.  The goal is to move your audience to enjoyment and satisfaction that will make them want to share your video and visit your website at the same time.  You benefit from viral video marketing in the process.

YouTube Goes Viral

You know how great the benefits you can get from viral video marketing are.  Your videos gone viral can spread like contagious disease and reach the largest audience as possible, specifically those who are highly interested in your content.

Videos are extremely popular and one of the most effective tools for internet marketing.  What is best about YouTube is that you earn massive advertising and promotional mileage for your website minus the cost you will have to spend for traditional advertising and promotional campaigns.

It is like advertising your business website on television.  People get to watch your videos and choose whether to respond to you call to action.  If you succeed in moving your audience, they get to talk about your videos and share them instantly with their own networks.  All these you can benefit without the high cost of television advertising.

Sending Traffic from YouTube

The secret to get the most traffic to your website from YouTube is to build links.  Using YouTube as a springboard, post your YouTube link on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, recommend it for sharing on Stumbleupon, as well as other video sharing sites.

You just have to ensure that your website address or URL appears at the beginning, at the end, or both beginning and end of your videos.  Keep your videos short and entertaining.

On YouTube, find high quality videos with considerable number of viewers and link with these videos.  They should relate to your niche, content, or the nature of your business to benefit from the linkage and send traffic to your website.

Uploading your videos on YouTube empowers you to reach the enormous population of the largest video-sharing site.  Its built-in population is what will enable your videos to go viral resulting to a surge in the traffic of your website.

As an internet marketer, you should devote your time in capturing your targeted traffic, build relationship and link with them to increase your profitability.  Generating traffic from YouTube is one endeavour worth your time.

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One Thing that Can Drive Free Traffic to Your Site Using Twitter Thu, 08 Dec 2011 09:20:12 +0000

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Traffic from Twitter can be very easy when you know the one thing that can drive Twitter followers to visit your website.  This one thing is your ability and influence to earn re-tweets of your tweets and make your business a trending topic in the Twitter world.

­Attract More Followers

It helps to attract more Twitter followers and benefit from their re-tweets.  The more Twitters you can attract to follow you, the wider the exposure your website can get especially when your followers start re-tweeting your tweets.  The higher the exposure, the greater is your success in receiving traffic from Twitter to your website.

Here are some tips on how to increase your Twitter followers:

  • Prior to getting new Twitter followers, see to it that you are able to maintain your existing followers.  This is because the nature of Twitter allows users to easily un-follow you when they see you irrelevant.  Make yourself relevant to your followers.
  • Place your Twitter ‘follow me’ button on your website.  It works both ways.  Visitors to your website follow you on Twitter, re-tweets your tweets to their own followers, and earn new traffic to your website.
  • Post unique and creative content attractive to your followers and their followers.  Include hash tags to make your business a trending topic in Twitter should your tweets become viral in the Twitter world.

Get More Re-Tweets

Increasing the number of your followers increases your chances of earning re-tweets.  However, in generating traffic from Twitter through re-tweets, you need to focus on the content of your tweets and make sure they are interesting enough for your followers to re-tweet them and earn traffic to your website.

Here are some new ways to increase your re-tweet-ability:

  • Timing is important.  Know when it is the right time to get your tweets re-tweeted.  Peak hours of re-tweets is anywhere between 3 pm to midnight.  It therefore pays to tweet at night to earn more re-tweets from your followers.
  • Tweet with link to your website.  You will get more re-tweets when you include links in your tweets; you just have to make sure that the traffic finds useful content relevant to their needs, wants, and interests.
  • Benefit from the use of hash tags.  Twitter is popular for hash tags, using it can double your chances of getting re-tweets from your followers.  It also empowers your tweets and your business to become a trending Twitter topic and increase traffic to your site in the process.
  • To generate targeted traffic from re-tweets, include any of a combination of the following words in your tweets:  you, please, re-tweet, post, follow, how to, free, top, please re-tweet, Twitter, social media.  Hence, ‘may you please re-tweet <specific website content>’ can dramatically increase traffic to your website from Twitter.

You now see how generating traffic from Twitter is actually easy when you know how to take advantage of the power of re-tweets.  Increase your Twitter followers, keep your existing followers satisfied, and get more re-tweets to drive more traffic to your website.

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Get Your Free Traffic from Stumbleupon Tue, 06 Dec 2011 09:19:53 +0000

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Generating traffic from Stumbleupon is an activity that is worth the effort.  Apart from the social network’s millions of members, the site is popular for recommending websites that users find interesting on the internet.  If you have good content, you can expect to get tons of free traffic from this social bookmarking website.

How Stumbleupon Works

Stumbleupon may appear to play different roles – social networking, social bookmarking, social search engine, internet browser plug-in, but the bottom line is it empowers its users to share interesting content they stumble upon surfing the net.  As they come across something they like, they can readily share or recommend this to their network of friends.

Through intentional searching or searching by topic of interests, other users of this social networking site are able to view the content.  They can in turn share their own interesting finds as a give back.

How You Can Get Your Free Traffic

Here are the steps in generating traffic from Stumbleupon free:

  1. Visit the Stumbleupon website and create your account.  You will need your email address to sign-up.  Create your username and a strong password that shall serve as your key to sign-in.
  2. As you join the social network, you will be able to install the toolbar where you can find an ‘I like it’ button.  This is the powerful button to hit when you want to share or recommend great finds from the internet.
  3. Use the toolbar as frequently as possible, and build relationship with fellow users (dubbed as ‘Stumblers’).  Add friends to your social network.
  4. Share your content and website.  You can do this by adding it to your Stumbleupon Favorites.  You can see the Favorites tab on the toolbar.  Click it, and then click ‘Add a site’.  Enter your website’s URL or the specific URL of your web content pages.
  5. Place a brief description or introduction to what you are sharing, and then hit the ‘add a site’ button to confirm.  Optimize your description by using the right keywords in your description.

These are the specific steps in generating traffic from Stumbleupon free.  Stumblers can easily go to your website when they find your shared content interesting, too.

Tips and Tricks

Since the goal is to be able to get as much free traffic as possible from the social network, here are some tips and tricks to reach your goal:

  • Create attention-grabbing description and Stumbler-friendly content.
  • Build relationship with the community.  Create a Stumbleupon-friendly profile and add friends.  Provide your network with great content to further your influence and earn for you several thumbs-up.  The more thumbs-up, the better it is to attract traffic to your website.
  • Make sure that your content is relevant to the Stumbleupon population considering the very nature of the social networking site.  Avoid content that will make you look like you are promoting your own website using the community.

With the steps as well as the tips and tricks in generating traffic from Stumbleupon, you should be able to save on cost while you increase the profitability of your website.  Join Stumbleupon and enjoy your free traffic.

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Increase Your Exposure to Drive Traffic to Your Website From LinkedIn Fri, 02 Dec 2011 23:07:39 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Generating traffic from linked in

Sucking traffic from LinkedIn is for sure an effective method that delivers profitable results for your business.  LinkedIn can increase your exposure and send volumes of traffic to your website as a result.  The thing is, just with any other internet marketing strategies, you need to work it out to get your desired outcome.

What Makes LinkedIn Work

LinkedIn Today is a social networking platform that collects news, articles, stories, and similar stuff from what the LinkedIn users share with one another.  It sprung from LinkedIn, the largest networking site for professionals.

Linked in allows professionals to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities as they grow their connections. On LinkedIn Today, users can access articles and content, and share them to your network.

The Key in Getting Free Traffic

The idea here is to get your website content or article climb at the top of LinkedIn Today’s home page, and at the sub-category pages applicable to your business website to get targeted traffic.  This is the key in receiving traffic from LinkedIn Today.  As your web content hits the top of the page, even for a short duration, you can already witness how the site will bring visitors to your website.

Sure-fire Ways to Drive Traffic

You can surely drive traffic to your website using these techniques:

  • Improve the quality of your connections.  While the number of connection matters, at the end of the day if you want to increase traffic conversion, improve the quality of your connections.  These users will readily appreciate what your share on LinkedIn and are most likely to share them with their own connections.
  • Choose the right group to join.  Becoming a member to LinkedIn groups is opt-in.  If you join groups relevant to your business website, you can leverage LinkedIn groups to increase the volume of your targeted traffic.  You just have to be careful in using the power and influence to gain the most from your groups in generating traffic from LinkedIn.
  • Concentrate on hitting the top of LinkedIn Today home page and its sub-pages.  Take time to analyse how articles bubble to reach the top of the home page and its sub-pages.  Provide your audience with high quality content optimized for LinkedIn- such as titles that catch attention, topics relevant to LinkedIn population of professionals, and useful information.

Keep your audience in mind when posting content.  You should make it a point to bring convenience to your audience.  Your content should be easily accessible to your connections and to their connections as well for greater exposure of your website.  Greater exposure can mean increase in volumes of traffic with a strong call to action and engagement.

Just like any other social media, getting traffic from LinkedIn may take some time and your effort.   However, you have everything to gain from your social media site like LinkedIn.  The key is to connect and build relationship.  When you know how to use your influence, it is easier to drive traffic to your website from the social media.

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How You Can Take Advantage of Facebook to Increase Your Traffic Fri, 25 Nov 2011 23:07:23 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Facebook Traffic Logo

Generating traffic from Facebook is one of the most profitable activities you can do as an internet marketer.  Facebook is the largest social networking site, and when you hit the right buttons, you can earn massive free traffic from the site to your site.

Why Use Facebook for Business

Facebook has grown to be one of the most popular social networking sites from the time its founders launched it in 2004.  The popularity of Facebook for personal use is indisputable.  Do you know that the site is also steadily rising as a profitable avenue for internet marketers?

In recent years, Facebook has spread its wings to accommodate millions of users who wish to leverage on the social network’s millions of users to increase traffic to their respective websites.  Internet marketers recognize that generating traffic from Facebook delivers real and profitable results.

The majority of internet marketers attest to how the traffic they get from this social networking site boosts their conversion rate.  This means that with the right strategies and implementation, you will not just earn volumes of traffic from Facebook but the kind of traffic that converts.

Tapping the Facebook Population

There are countless ways to tap the Facebook population and generate your targeted traffic free.  You can use your creativity to promote and advertise your website on Facebook.  If you have already been a Facebook user, but wants to benefit from it for your business website, create a separate business page that you can use to capture the Facebook population and drive traffic to your website.

Generating traffic from Facebook starts by creating your business page.  All it takes are five easy steps, as follows:

  1. Create your page by choosing your classification from the following:  local business or place; company, organization or institution; brand or product; artist, band or public figure; entertainment; and cause or community.

As you select one from among the six classifications, a sub-menu will appear where you will choose your category and provide your name or title.

  1. Provide your basic information.  This is where you can place your website URL and a brief description of your online marketing business.  To make your page more enticing to your audience, add a profile photo that best represents your business.
  2. Fill your business page with relevant content.  This should include how your targeted audience can easily reach you (website, email, and contact number).  Start to add friends to the page.
  3. Promote your Facebook page through any of the following:  invite friends, tell fans, post status updates, set your page on your website and mobile gadgets.  Upload relevant and interesting content that can go viral and earn for you increasing number of friends or users who like you page and volumes of traffic to your website.
  4. Monitor your progress using Facebook insights.  You will see how many users have liked your page and other information and statistics relevant to improve your Facebook marketing campaign to increase traffic to your website.

The key to generating traffic from Facebook is in your business page, the quality of your content, and the relationship and influence you are building on the largest social networking site.

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